What is iPaaS

InNovo Platform as a Service - iPaaS is an advanced intelligent video integration solution (IVS) that delivers analytics to measure the performance of the transportation network. Examples of analytics include traffic volume, speed, occupancy, trajectory and others. 

iPaaS uses computer vision, machine learning and artificial intelligence to extract analytics from images. 

Our Philosophy

Through data science, we aim to find new ways to integrate technology, data management, data analytics, and cutting edge computer vision to revolutionize the way our society moves people and goods, safely and efficiently. 

To achieve higher accuracy, iPaaS uses custom made machine learning algorithms and datasets for each project.

Our Mission

Foster the use of technology and data to improve the safety and efficiency of a transportation network system.

iPaaS Technology



iPaaS allows for dynamic and highly accurate measurement of the transportation network performance through the delivery of traffic analytics in real time or through batch processing. iPaaS generates transportation analytics from the deployed traditional transportation infrastructure, as an example CCTV cameras or drone videos.

iPaaS uses computer vision, deep learning (DL) and artificial intelligence (AI) from edge to cloud applied to data science to extract meaningful transportation insights and analytics in real time or through batch processing. 

Through deep learning, artificial intelligence and computer vision techniques, iPaaS detects, identify and classifies vehicles dynamically through the processing of videos streams from legacy systems such as CCTVs cameras, or unmanned devise such as drones. 

It is estimated that by 2025 there will be around 20 billion IoT devices connected and deployed worldwide generating data. The extraction of traffic analytics that can allow for transportation capacity planning, operations management, and incident management has already exceeded the capability of being generated through traditional methods. 

iPaaS delivers instant access to historical or real time traffic analysis allowing for a streamlined planning or dynamic operations process. Understanding transportation trends and real time analysis of the transportation network utilization can support activities such as transportation planning, corridor management and support efficient signal timing and incident management.